Birthplace of the famous Renaissance painter Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis.




Pordenone is the capital of the province of Pordenone. With approximately 50,000 inhabitants, it is not a big city but that makes it more accessible and easier to visit. The historical center with its beautiful palazzi, churches and town hall provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere and is easily visitable in half a day.

The city is built along the banks of the River Noncello and used to be in Roman times an important river port then called Portus Naonis (the port of the River Naone - current Noncello).

It is not a coincidence that Pordenone was built here. It lays on the important ancient commercial route, the Roman street ‘Via Postumia’ that led from Concordia Sagittarius in Veneto to Zuglio (in the Carnia Mountains) near the Austrian border. 



The city rejoiced in the Renaissance time with the birth of a famous Italian painter named Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis who was also called "Il Pordenone". Often as a surname was given the city of origin of the artists. He also worked a lot in Venice where he was a pupil of the famous painter Giorgione and a competitor of Tiziano.

In several churches and buildings, you can still admire his frescoes for example in the Cathedral of San Marco in Pordenone. Here hangs his famous painting "Madonna della Misericordia" and there is the painted pillar with his self-portrait representing the Saint San Rocco. The cathedral was consecrated in 1374 and its 79 meters high bell tower 79 meters is the highest in the region.



In the historical center, there are many beautiful 14th century buildings - palaces. Most are located along the main street, the lively Corso Vittorio Emanuele II where you can pleasantly walk under the porticos hiding from the sun or rain. You see the 13th century Palazzo Ricchieri, originally built as a tower but later converted into a residence by the Ricchieri family, now used as The Art Museum. At the end of the street lies the beautiful 13th-century town hall built in Gothic style.

The city has several beautiful parks where locals enjoy hiking or go out for a picnic. 

The highlights of Pordenone:
  • Cathedral San Marco with frescoes of "Il Pordenone"
  • Historical center with the main street Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  • Palazzo Ricchieri (art musuem)
  • Church Santissima Trinità
  • Ex - Convent San Francesco
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