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Famous for the King of the hams but not only....

Located about 20 kilometers west of Udine, on top of a hill of 250 meters high, you will find the picturesque village of San Daniele del Friuli. San Daniele is especially famous for one thing. 'Il prosciutto crudo', the raw ham. For centuries, thanks to its microclimate, here the ham has being produced using traditional methods. In and around the village you will find nearly 30 ham producers called 'prosciutiffici'and in many of them you can see the production process and try and/or purchase the ham in their restaurants. In San Daniele ham is a serious matter. Since 1996 the ham has been approved with the DOP brand by the European Communion. This means "Denominazione di Origine Protetta",  a brand that protects and defines the origin and method of production.

Are you a fish lover then try the local smoked trout. After the ham this is the second famous dish of San Daniele which is certainly worth trying. You have plenty of choice choosing one of the many restaurants that the village full of.



San Daniele is not only worth a visit to taste the ham but also to see the village itself. It is located on top of a hill from where you have a beautiful view over the hilly surroundings. In the old town you can visit several churches one of them is very special. It is called the Sistine Chapel of Friuli. Here, the Renaissance painter Pellegrino di San Daniele decorated in the early 15th century, the chapel of the Sant'Antonio Abate. The chapel is so beautifully painted that it urned this nickname.



Next to the cathedral is the entrance to another landmark, namely the first public library in Friuli. Here, the noble lord Guarnerio d'Artegna donated in the 15th century, all of his books to the city with a request to build a library for everyone. This is how the "Biblioteca Guarneriana" was born. You can visit it by appointment only and you need at least 10 people to enter. Inside among many other valuable books you can see the 15th-century "Codici Miniati" literary works that were carefully painted and decorated patiently by the monks.

Please don't hesitate to book me for a detailed tour of San Daniele, I can show and tell you much more about it. 
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The highlights of San Daniele:
  • il prosciutto / the raw ham
  • the smoked trout
  • church Sant' Antonio Abate
  • the 15th century library Guarneriana
  • il belvedere,  the view
Good to combine with one of the following sights
The last weekend of June the village feast 'Aria di Festa' is taking place where you can enjoy the ham, the music, the events and fair in the old center. All the ham producers open their doors to let you taste their delicious hams.