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Friuli, a small paradise in the corner of Italy
Wine tasting in Friuli , winetasting in Friuli
Spring morning at the superior lake of F
The meanders of the Tagliamento. Last na
Lignano in Friuli
On holiday in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Welcome to my site 'Explore Friuli. Are you looking for an alternative holiday in beautiful Italy and are you willing to deviate from the beaten paths by choosing a lesser known Italian region? You found it!


This region in the north-eastern of Italy offers it all!

Beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, cultural excursions, historic towns, castles, fine wines and cuisine, unspoiled nature, rolling hills, high mountain peaks and a rocky plateau rich in natural cavities with the Giant Cave as its best example. 

You don’t want mass tourism and don’t want to drive long distances on busy roads?

Don’t look any further! In Friuli-Venezia Giulia it’s possible just in one day to make a morning hike in the mountains and lie on the beach in the afternoon. For the sportive ones, Friuli offers many hiking and biking trails and you have beautiful skiing slopes to choose from in various skiing areas.  


For a quick overview of all Friuli has to offer look at the promo video made with a drone and you will fall in love right away with this beautiful unexpected and undiscovered Italian region. 

This is the best Italian region if you want to visit more countries in only one holiday. You can combine Friuli with visiting  Austria, Slovenia or even Croatia.


Close to Venice! 

Friuli is only 75 miles (120 km) away from Venice, the beautiful capital of the neighbour region Veneto.  You can reach it with a 1,5 hour drive or a 2 hour train trip. You can combine your stay in Friuli, the region that offers it all, to a city strip to Venice! How great is that!

It's no surprise that Friuli Venezia Giulia has been nominated as "The Italian region of 2021" by the Chicago - based luxury travel company Olive Tree Escapes. This extraordinary (wine) region right above Venice! 



Come on a holiday in Friuli and you will see for yourself what stunning surroundings it has to offer.


I know it because I've been living for 23 years in this beautiful region in north-eastern Italy with this difficult and longe name. I work here as an official licensed tourist guide. Perhaps only Friuli sounds more familiar to you? That’s why I called this site Explore Friuli.


On this site you find all the information you want about the cultural, historical cities divided by province: Udine, Trieste, Gorizia and Pordenone. But I also give advise about fun things to do, nature parks to visit, beaches to choose from, hike and bike trails and much more!  Check it out for yourself and come and see this beautiful region with your own eyes.


Before I forget it ... you want to visit the beautiful cities, museums or monuments with additional explanation of a well prepared and friendly Dutch guide who speaks 4 languages fluently, including English and who knows the region as the back of her hand and can tell you all the ins and outs? Book me as your personal guide,  I will gladly tell you more about what you can discover here.


What are you waiting for? Come on a holiday to Friuli Venezia Giulia! 


Enjoy reading and watching and hopefully I will see you soon......Arrivederci!


Elbrich (Ellen) Bos

tourist guide in Friuli
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